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First email to dissertation supervisor

Sample emails to your dissertation supervisor Email contact with your dissertation supervisor Email contact with your dissertation supervisor Email contact with your dissertation supervisor Making an appointment Dear Dr. Janssen, The college has informed me that you will be my supervisor. I would therefore like to make an initial appointment to discuss my dissertation idea with you. I look forward to hearing from you as to when you would be available to meet with me. Sincerely, Bas Swaen Asking questions Dear Prof. Smith, It doesn't have to be a super long email, but make sure there's enough detail so that your supervisor will know what you're referring to. As above, and dont forget to start by explaining who you are, what course you are taking, how you were assigned to this supervisor /. Here is my email: Dear Dr ABC My name is ABC and I'm a Master's student in nursing, in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health. I'm very glad that you agreed to be my dissertation supervisor.

I still remembered the lecture you gave us few weeks ago about Quality Improvement. It was a very interesting lecture and I really emjoyed it. There are three important things to achieve in an email to a professor / lecturer: 1) Make clear what you are asking. Don't beat about the bush with "I'm interested in your research" or "I'd like to become involved". State clearly that you're interested in doing a PhD, and that you are interested in having them as a supervisor. 1 What discussion to have with the supervisor at the first meeting? 1.1 a) Analyze the expectation of the researcher and Professor 1.2 b) Frequency of direct meeting, E-mail communication, the timing for meeting 1.3 c) Time and length of the meeting 1.4 d) Bilateral deadlines and Submission of Work 1.5 e) Timing for feedback 2 days agoSend them an email ASAP to arrange a meeting early next semester. Then over the holidays work out what problems need addressing and what questions you have. If you go and just say you're stuck, your supervisor will likely be annoyed and unable to help. They are there to support you though, but won't be able to do so unless you ask. 0 hallamstudents I am very enthusiastic to conduct and pursue your research along with him. (Do mention the name of the Research Lab Name or website, Also mention the research topic or fields in which you are interested) I have attached my CV /other required documents and I would be glad to hearing from you soon. You can write email to him, i would go like this. Respected Dr/Prof/xyz. As you may already know that i have been assigned to do my project work under your supervision. I feel honored and motivated and i am confident that under your supervision i will excel my skills and will be more productive.

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First email to dissertation supervisor

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